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February 3, 2013
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LoL - PAGE 1 - [Night's Aegis] by ShiNaa LoL - PAGE 1 - [Night's Aegis] by ShiNaa
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French version / version française => [link]

Summary (no spoilers)

Months after the Kalamanda events, Valoran had finally reached some kind of peace (through the northen regions are still under conflict). Noxus's spirit is still boilting. The violence sneaking within inhabitants sometimes comes to explode and paints the pavement of the dark red of its countrymen's blood. Katarina sees the changes coming in Noxus and tries as hard as she can, but whetver it be on political side or in family sphere, nothing seems to be fine. Her wish to keep control will finally lead her to a painful wandering, and then, to a hunt of the truth over her father's disappearence. In the same time, Demacia hears about strange mines owned by Zaun in the IrionSpike Mountains. Garen and Xin Zhao ride up to there and try to find out what's hiding beneath this dismaying exploitation.
But everything is connected. Everything. And this inquisition will turn into a truth hunting... or manhunting.


(Almost 4 months of work yet ! ^^)
My real purporse doing this is giving a new breathe to some events the lores kept as suggestions or speculations. I'd like to bring my own vision over character's personality and share this point with others fans, because they deserve MOAR... ! I have not the pretention to be a good comic-maker but I can draw (I guess) and I'm quite good at writing stories. I stopped drawing for 2 years and discovering LOL on last december gave me the holy fire to handle this project ; it will help me curing my loolphones in composition and english as well !

Technical details

I cannot say how many pages there will be. Probably 150~ something like this. There are 2 main parts (the first stops around page 70) and I'll take a break after. I'll include most of the cities (except for Bandle city, yeah yordles piss me off -not you Lulu, you're cute- but it will appear quickly even if not any major event happens there). But for Freljord, Ionia, Piltover and Zaun, the characters will travel there, even in other dark places no man explored before :3 It's a challenge for me hehe. Almost 70~~ champions will appear (maybe more). Some are really important to the story and others will be include for a short time. I can't make all of them appear, you all know why :/ but I'll try as hard as I can for the fan community who follows.

True purpose

The story is obviously biaised toward the pairing Katarina x Garen, my fav pairing ever... but yeah EVER. Let me explain : I'm studying litterature for years and in this OTP, there is everything I like... the duality betwen good and evil, symbolic with red/blue, the tough woman type (or tsundere) and the naive warrior. Plus there are psychological fields I'd like to explore : first of all, tolerance ! I'm a very tolerant person -I cannot blame people easily even if I get insulted or whatever- and I don't understand war. The conflict between Demacia and Noxus is a really good topic to start with and the comic will deal with the question of prejudices and fears over the "other". What was a hunting will turn into a learning, about oneself and the other as well. And of course the usual "how to fall in love" process that shaked all Litterature's history and what is a canon in all romance (I mean ...the "afterwards" is just lemon, right?). I like drama and blood and ...sad stories xD I like bad endings but NO champion will die in this ! even if the tension may sometimes escalate higher and higher, it's only to bring feeling to the reader. Riot's material allows so much... I didn't want to waste it ^^' I'm just a little soul trying to bring love and excitement to ya all.

Don't worry...

I won't make any lemon or extra shojo story. My brother is a good example to begin with : he didn't really want to read because he's not really into RP or shipping... But after reading (after months!) he was like "wow I'm glad I did it, this is truly not what I expected" and now he eagerly waits for the next pages, teasing me on skype x) This is CLEARLY not a romance story. The plot (about Marcus and the gems, Void summinings, etc...) is the most important part. I don't mess with coherence... No way! The 2nd part will be more speaking and a little less thrilling than the 1st part but I really want to add depth to both of the main characters that are, to me, representative of the conflict between prejudice and true feelings (thanks Jane Austeen...). But no stupid and endless gaze... I know they are initially foes (and nemesis!) and past events built some kind of "relation" the lore actually suggests. So trust me, I will work to make their relation legit without any insult to logic or riot's official work.

All characters from League of Legends belong to ©RiotGames.

Special thanks to :icon03amaterasu: for his special kindness and who supports me from the very beginning, to :icongunswordninja: the vice-captain of our battle barge and my second dear little brother~ to :iconshadow-hunter446: for the time she spend on corrections and to :iconmaiser: for the support and joy he brings when I feel down.
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RoronoaZoro23 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Guess i'm a little late but everything with kat x garen or riven x yasuo i'm with it :D
ShiNaa Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good but you won't find Yasuo x Riven in my gallery , I do not sail with that ship :p
RoronoaZoro23 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
SoulCrapper Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
Im totally going to share this on my facebook page. Get some recognition up in this bitch. 
piggyleaks Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this is amazing brother
Black--Moth Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I finally started reading this. I'm so impressed! So far good pacing, good dialogue, good intrigue. *reads more*
ShiNaa Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think you're going to like it
Celio-Hogane Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
"General du corteu is missing" Oh, so thats a "Leblanc is jarvan IV" type of history... nice.
Ikoter Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Student Writer
Me with an angry face expression and voice: SHINAA!

Why is it that when I look at the second page of this chapter, I see Darius going to the bar and passing by yet ANOTHER Darius who's sitting on a table smoking cigars and drinkin whine?

AND someone who looks like Ezreal after he stole TF's hat, cut it, wore it at a poker table while drinkin whine and smokin?
DragonTrainerLulu Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
Nice, i really love the summary, gives me an idea about what I am going to read :)

Also, nobody can hate Lulu, only if they play against her :s (YAY, Winter Wonder Lulu is soon available in the stores :3)
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